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p. 95



1. Accept gladly our most widely-sounding 1 speech, the most agreeable to the gods, thou who, in thy mouth, offerest the sacrificial food (to the gods).

2. And may we then pronounce to thee, O highest Aṅgiras, Agni, best worshipper, a prayer agreeable to thee and successful.

3. Who is thy kinsman among men, O Agni? Who performs worship to thee 1? Who art thou, and where dost thou rest?

4. Thou, O Agni, art the kinsman, the dear friend ('Mitra') of men, a friend who is to be magnified by his friends.

5. Sacrifice for us to Mitra and Varuna. Sacrifice to the gods, (a sacrifice conforming to) the great Rita 1. Sacrifice, O Agni, to thy own house.


The same Rishi and metre.—Verse 1 = TB. III, 6, 7, 1; MS. III, 10, 1 (IV, 13, 5). Verses 3–5 = SV. II, 885–887. Verse 5. = VS. XXXIII, 3; TB. II, 7, 12, 1.

Verse 1.

Note 1. Comp. VI, 68, 9. manma … sapráthah.

Verse 3.

Note 1. May we not take dâsú-adhvara as a compound with governed final member, like vidádvasu, sâdádyoni &c.?

Verse 5.

Note 1. Comp. Gaedicke, Der Accusativ im Veda, 159.

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