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39. And on account of the impossibility of meditation (samâdhi).

Moreover the meditation taught in the Vedânta-texts, whose aim is the realisation of the Self as represented by the Upanishads, is possible only if the Self is the agent 2. Compare the following passages, 'Verily, the Self is to be seen, to be heard, to be perceived, to be marked' (Bri. Up. II, 4, 5); 'The Self we must seek out, we must try to understand' (Kh. Up. VIII, 7, 1); 'Meditate on the Self as Om' (Mu. Up. II, 2, 6).--Therefrom also it follows that the Self is an agent.


52:2 The Self which enjoys the fruit of final release must be the agent in the meditation which is instrumental in bringing about final release.

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