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1. Having sacrificed, with his right hand, a fist full of chaff with the next (verse, II, 21, 32), he should go away and murmur the next (verse, 33).

2. Over an angry person let him recite the two next (formulas, II, 22, 1. 2); then his anger will be appeased.

3. 3 One who wishes that his wife should not be touched by other men, should have big living centipedes ground to powder, and should insert (that powder) with the next (formula, II, 22, 3), while she is sleeping, into her secret parts.

4. For success (in the generation of children)

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let him wash (his wife) with the urine of a red-brown cow.

5. For success (in trade) let him sacrifice with the next (verse—II, 22, 4—some portion) from the articles of trade which he has in his house.

6. 6 If he wishes that somebody be not estranged from him, let him pour his own urine into the horn of a living animal, and sprinkle (it) with the next two (verses, II, 22, 5. 6) three times from right to left around (the person) while he is sleeping.

7. In a path which servants or labourers use to run away, he should put plates (used for protecting the hands when holding a hot sacrificial pan) on (a fire), and should offer the oblations (indicated by the) next (Mantras, II, 22, 7-10).

8. If a fruit falls on him from a tree, or a bird befouls him, or a drop of water falls on him when no rain is expected, he should wipe that off with the next (Mantras, II, 22, 11-13), according to the characteristics (contained in these Mantras).

9. If a post of his house puts forth shoots, or if honey is made in his house (by bees), or if the footprint of a dove is seen on the hearth, or if diseases arise in his household, or in the case of other miracles or prodigies, let him perform in the new-moon night, at dead of night, at a place where he does not hear the noise of water, the rites from the putting (of wood) on the fire down to the Âgyabhâga oblations, and let him offer the oblations (indicated in the) next (Mantras, II, 22, 14-23), and enter upon the performance of the Gaya and following oblations.

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10. Having performed (the ceremonies) down to the sprinkling (of water) round (the fire), he puts up towards the south with the next (verse, II, 22, 24) a stone as a barrier for those among whom a death has occurred.

End of the Âpastambîya-Grihya-sûtra.


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