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p. 231


1. 'This is for thee, father, this honey-sweet wave, rich in water. As great as Agni and the earth are, so great is its measure, so great is its might. As. such a great one I give it. As Agni is imperishable and inexhaustible, thus may it be imperishable and inexhaustible, sweet drink to my father. By that imperishable (wave), that sweet drink, live thou together with those, N.N.! The Rikas are thy might.

'This is for thee, grandfather, &c. . . . As great as Vâyu and the air are . . . As Vâyu is imperishable . . . to my grandfather. . . . The Yagus are thy might.

'This is for thee, great-grandfather, &c. . . . As great as Âditya and the heaven are . . . "The Sâmans are thy might.'

2. Returning (from the place where he has performed the Pinda offerings) he puts the substance cleaving (to the Sthâlî) into the water-pot and pours it out, with (the verse), 'Go away, O Fathers, friends of Soma, on your hidden, ancient paths. After a month return again to our house and eat our offerings, rich in offspring, in valiant sons.'

3. 3 Thereby the (Srâddha) celebrated in the middle of the rainy season has been declared.

4. There (oblations of) flesh are prescribed;

5. Of vegetables, if there is no flesh.

End of the Fourth Patala.


231:3 Mâdhyâvarsham. Comp. the note on Sâṅkhâyana III, 13, 1.

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