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1. 1 'House, do not fear, do not tremble; bringing strength we come back. Bringing strength, gaining wealth, wise I come back to the house, rejoicing in my mind.

'Of which the traveller thinks, in which much joy

p. 207

dwells, the house I call. May it know us as we know it.

'Hither are called the cows; hither are called goats and sheep; and the sweet essence of food is called hither to our house.

'Hither are called many friends, the sweet companionship of friends. May our dwellings always be unharmed with all our men.

'Rich in sap, rich in milk, refreshing, full of joy and mirth, free from hunger (?) and thirst, O house, do not fear us'—with (these verses) he approaches his house (when returning from a journey).

2. 'To thee I turn for the sake of safety, of peace. The blissful one! The helpful one!, Welfare! Welfare!'—with (this formula) he enters.

3. On that day, on which he has arrived, he should avoid all quarrelling.

4. 'The joyful house I enter which does not bring death to men; most manly (I enter) the auspicious one. Bringing refreshment, with genial minds (we enter the house); joyfully I lie down in it'—with (this verse) he lies down.

5. 5 'May we find our way with thee through all hostile powers, as through streams of water'—with (this verse) he looks at his wife; he looks at his wife.

End of the First Prasna.


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