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p. 192


1. (He makes her step forward, and goes with her himself), with (the Mantras), 'One (step) for sap, may Vishnu go after thee; two (steps) for juice, may Vishnu go after thee; three (steps) for vows, may Vishnu go after thee; four (steps) for comfort, may Vishnu go after thee; five (steps) for cattle, may Vishnu go after thee; six (steps) for the prospering of wealth, may Vishnu go after thee; seven (steps) for the sevenfold Hotriship, may Vishnu go after thee.'

2. After the seventh step he makes her abide (in that position) and murmurs, 'With seven steps we have become friends. May I attain to friendship with thee. May I not be separated from thy friendship. Mayst thou not be separated from my friendship.'

3. 3 He then puts his right foot on her right foot, moves his right hand down gradually over her right shoulder, and touches the place of her heart as above,

4. 4 And the place of her navel with (the formula), 'Thou art the knot of all breath; do not loosen thyself.'

5. 5 After he has made her sit down to the west of the fire, so that she faces the east, he stands to the east (of his bride), facing the west, and besprinkles her with water, with the three verses, 'O waters, ye are wholesome' (Taitt. Samh. IV, I, 5, 1), with the four verses, 'The gold-coloured, clean, purifying waters' (V, 6, 1), and with the Anuvâka, 'The purifier, the heavenly one' (Taitt. Brâhmana I, 4, 8).

p. 193

6. 6 Now they pour seeds (of rice, &c.) on (the heads of the bridegroom and bride).

End of the Sixth Patala.


192:3 21, 3. See above, I, 2, 5, 11.

192:4 See above, I, 2, 5, 12.

192:5 Comp. I, 3, 10, 2.

193:6 Mâtridatta explains adhisrayanti by vapanti gâyâpatyoh sirasi kshipanti.

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