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1. 1 When his cows are driven out, he should repeat (the verse), 'May (Bhava), the all-valiant one, (and Indra protect) these (cows) for me' (MB. I, 8, 1).

2. When they have come back, (he should repeat the verse), 'These which are rich in sweet' (ibid. 2).

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3. If he is desirous of thriving (in his cattle), he should lick with his tongue the forehead of the firstborn calf, before it is licked by its mother, and should gulp with (the formula), 'Thou art the phlegm of the cows' (ibid. 3).

4. If he is desirous of thriving (in his cattle), he should, when the cows have calved, at night put wood on the fire in the cow-stable and should sacrifice churned curds with drops of ghee, with (the verse), 'Seizer, seize' (ibid. 4).

5. If he is desirous of thriving (in his cattle), he makes, when the cows have calved, with a sword of Udumbara wood, marks on a male and on a female calf, first on the male, then on the female, with (the Mantra), 'The world art thou, thousandfold' (ibid. 5. 6),

6. And after he has done so, he should recite (over the two calves the Mantra), 'With metal, with the butcher's knife' (ibid. 7).

7. When the rope (to which the calves are bound) is spread out, and (again) when the calves have been bound to it, he should recite over it (the verse), 'This rope, the mother of the cows' (ibid. 8).

8. Here now the following (rites) have to be performed day by day, (viz.)

9. 9 (The rites at) the driving out (of the cows), at the coming back (of the cows), and at the setting into motion of the rope (with the calves).

10. At the cow-sacrifice (i.e. the sacrifice by which a thriving condition for the cows is obtained), boiled rice-grains with milk (are offered).

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11. Let him sacrifice to Agni, Pûshan, Indra, and Îsvara.

12. To the bull honour is done (by adorning it, by lavish food, &c.).

13. By the cow-sacrifice also the horse-sacrifice (i.e. the sacrifice by which thriving horses are obtained) has been explained.

14. Of deities Yama and Varuna are added here (to the deities stated above) (Sûtra II).

15. 15 (After the cow-sacrifice) the cows are besprinkled with scented water; the cows are besprinkled with scented water.


87:1 6, 1 seq. Different ceremonies connected with cattle-keeping. Comp. Khâdira-Grihya III, I, 45 seq.

88:9 See Sûtras 1. 2. 7.

89:15 As to the repetition of the last words of this chapter, see the notes on I, 4, 31; II, 8, 25; 10, 50.

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