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1. Now (follows) the putting up of the water-barrel.

2. To the north-east he digs a pit like (the pit for) a sacrificial post, strews into it Kusa grass, fried grains, fruits of the soap-tree, and other auspicious things, and therein he establishes the water-barrel with (the words), 'The sea art thou.'

3. He pours water into it with (the verse), 'Ye

p. 350

waters, rich in wealth, ye possess goods. Ye bring us good insight and immortality. Ye are the rulers over wealth and blessed offspring. May Sarasvatî give strength to him who praises her!'—

4. And with the three (verses), 'O waters, ye are' (Vâg. Samhitâ XI, 50 seqq.).

5. Then (follows) feeding of the Brâhmanas.


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