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1. On the full-moon day of Âsvayuga the (offerings of) Prishâtakas (are made).

2. Having cooked milk-rice for Indra he sacrifices it, mixed with curds, honey, and ghee, to Indra, Indrânî, the two Asvins, the full moon of Âsvayuga, and to the autumn.

3. After he has eaten (his portion of the sacrificial food), he sacrifices with his joined hands a Prishâtaka prepared with curds, with the words, 'May what is deficient be made full to me; may what is full not decay to me. Svâhâ!'

4. The inmates of the house look at the mixture of curds, honey, and ghee, with the Anuvâka,

p. 333

[paragraph continues] 'May Indra come hither' (Vâg. Samh. XX, 47 seqq.).

5. They let the calves join their mothers that night and the Âgrahâyanî night.

6. Then (follows) the feeding of the Brâhmanas.


332:1 16, 1. Prishâtaka means a mixture of curds and butter. Comp. Sâṅkhâyana IV, 16, 3; Âsvalâyana II, 2, 3; Grihya-samgraha-parisishta II, 59.

332:3 Âsvalâyana II, 2, 3.

333:5 Sâṅkhâyana IV, 16, 4.

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