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1. In (the month) Pausha, under (the Nakshatra) Rohinî, or at the middle Ashtakâ let them celebrate the conclusion of the study (of the Veda).

2. Let them go to the brink of water and make water oblations to the gods, the metres, the Vedas, the Rishis, the ancient teachers, the Gandharvas, the other teachers, the year with its divisions, and to their own ancestors and teachers.

3. After having four times quickly recited the Sâvitrî, they should say, 'We have finished.'

4. Interruption (of the study) and (continuation of the) teaching as stated above.


325:1 12, 1. See Âsvalâyana-Grihya III, 5, 20; Sâṅkhâyana-Grihya IV, 6. On the three Ashtakâs, see below, III, 3, 1.

325:4 Sâṅkhâyana-Grihya IV, 5, 17, where the same expression kshapana for interruptions of the study is used. The words 'as above' refer to chap. 10, 23. 24.

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