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1. At the beginning of each half-month he cooks a mess of sacrificial food, sacrifices to the deities of the festivals of the new and full moon (as stated in the Srauta ritual), and then sacrifices to the following deities: to Brahman, to Pragâpati, to the Visve devâs, and to Heaven and Earth.

2. To the Visve devâs a Bali is offered, to the domestic deities, and to Âkâsa (i.e. the Ether).

3. From the Vaisvadeva food he makes oblations in the fire with (the formulas), 'To Agni svâhâ! To Pragâpati svâhâ! To the Visve devâs svâhâ! To Agni Svishtakrit svâhâ!'

4. Outside (the house) the wife offers the Bali with (the formulas), 'Adoration to the wife! Adoration to the man! To every time of life, adoration! To the white one with the black teeth, the lord of the bad women, adoration!

'They who allure my offspring, dwelling in the village or in the forest, to them be adoration; I offer

p. 291

a Bali to them. Be welfare to me! May they give me offspring.'

5. The remainder he washes out with water. Then (follows) feeding of the Brâhmanas.


290:1 12, 1. Comp. Sâṅkhâyana-Grihya I, 3, 3. The deities of the corresponding Srauta festivals are, at the full moon, Agni and Agnî-shomau; at the new moon, Agni, Vishnu, and Indrâgnî.

290:2 Comp. below, II, 9, 3.

290:3 Sâṅkhâyana-Grihya II, 14, 3, 4.

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