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1. The girl's brother pours out of his joined hands into her joined hands fried grain mixed with Samî leaves.

p. 282

2. This she sacrifices, with firmly joined hands, standing, (while the bridegroom recites the verses,)

'To the god Aryaman the girls have made sacrifice, to Agni; may he, god Aryaman, loosen us from here, and not from the husband. Svâhâ!

'This woman, strewing grains, prays thus, "May my husband live long; may my relations be prosperous." Svâhâ!

'These grains I throw into the fire: may this bring prosperity to thee, and may it unite me with thee. May Agni grant us that. N.N.! Svâhâ!'

3. He then seizes her right hand together with the thumb, with (the verses),

'I seize thy hand for the sake of happiness, that thou mayst live to old age with me, thy husband. Bhaga, Aryaman, Sâvitrî, Purandhi, the gods have given thee to me that we may rule our house.

'This am I, that art thou; that art thou, this am I. The Sâman am I, the Rik thou; the heaven I, the earth thou.

'Come! Let us marry. Let us unite our sperm. Let us beget offspring. Let us acquire many sons, and may they reach old age.

'Loving, bright, with genial minds may we see a hundred autumns, may we live a hundred autumns, may we hear a hundred autumns!'


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