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1. On the full moon of Mârgasîrsha the 'redescent' (is performed)—on the fourteenth (Tithi),

2. Or on (the Tithi of) the full moon (itself).

3. Having again renovated the house by (giving a new) coating (to the walls), by spreading out (a new roof), and by levelling (the floor), they should sacrifice after sunset (oblations) of milk-rice with (the texts), 'Beat away, O white one, with thy foot, with the forefoot and with the hind-foot, these seven daughters of Varuna and all that belong to the king's tribe. Svâhâ!

'Within the dominion of the white one no serpent has killed anything. To the white one, the son of Vidârva, adoration! Svâhâ!'

4. Here no oblation to (Agni) Svishtakrit (is made).

5. 'May we be secure from Pragâpati's sons'—thus he murmurs while looking at the fire.

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6. (Saying), 'Be happy and friendly to us'—he should think in his mind of the winter.

7. To the west of the fire is a well-spread layer (of straw); on that he should sit down, murmur (the verse), 'Be soft, O earth' (Rig-veda I, 22, 15), and lie down (on that layer) with his people, with the head to the east and the face to the north.

8. The others, as there is room.

9. Or following on each other from the eldest to the youngest.

10 10. Those who know the Mantras, should murmur the Mantras.

11 11. Arising (they should) three times (murmur the verse), 'From that place may the gods bless us' (Rig-veda I, 22, 16).

12 12. The same (verse) a fourth time with their faces to the south, to the west, and to the north.

13. Having arisen, having murmured the hymns sacred to the Sun and the auspicious hymns, having prepared food and given to the Brâhmanas to eat, he should cause (them) to pronounce auspicious words.


204:1 3, 1. On the ceremony of 'redescent,' comp. Sâṅkhâyana-Grihya IV, 17; Pâraskara III, 2. The fourteenth Tithi of the bright fortnight, preceding the full moon, is referred to.

204:3 'Again' refers to chap. 2, 2. As to the words 'they should sacrifice,' comp. the note on the same Sûtra. The first Mantra reoccurs in Sâṅkhâyana-Grihya IV, 18, 1. The text of the second should be, na vai svetasyâdhyâkâre, &c.; comp. Pâraskara II, 14, 5.

204:5 The serpents are the children of Kasyapa (i.e. Pragâpati) and Kadrû; see Mahâbhârata I, 1074 seqq.

205:10 'The Mantras beginning from "Be soft, O earth" (Sûtra 7) down to the auspicious hymns (Sûtra 13).' Nârâyana.

205:11 It follows from Sûtra 12 that they are to turn here their faces to the east.

205:12 They mutter one Pâda of that verse, which is in the Gâyatrî metre, turned towards each of the three directions.

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