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1. In the sixth month the Annaprâsana (i.e. the first feeding with solid food).

2. Goat's flesh, if he is desirous of nourishment,

3. Flesh of partridge, if desirous of holy lustre,

4. Boiled rice with ghee, if desirous of splendour:

5. (Such) food, mixed with curds, honey and ghee he should give (to the child) to eat with (the verse), 'Lord of food, give us food painless and strong;

p. 184

bring forward the giver; bestow power on us, on men and animals.'

6. The rite only (without the Mantra) for a girl.


183:1 16, 1 seq. Comp. Sâṅkh.-Grihya I, 27, 1 seq. The two texts are nearly word for word identical.

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