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1. Beginning from the seizing of (the bride's) hand (i.e. from the wedding), he should worship the domestic (fire) himself, or his wife, or also his son, or his daughter, or a pupil.

2. (The fire) should be kept constantly.

3. When it goes out, however, the wife should fast: thus (say) some (teachers).

4. The time for setting it in a blaze and for sacrificing in it has been explained by (the rules given with regard to) the Agnihotra,

5. And the sacrificial food, except meat.

6. But if he likes he may (perform the sacrifice) with rice, barley, or sesamum.

7. He should sacrifice in the evening with (the formula), 'To Agni svâhâ!' in the morning with (the formula), 'To Sûrya svâhâ!' Silently the second (oblations) both times.


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172:5 Âsvalâyana-Srauta II, 3, 1 seq. Nârâyana: By the prohibition of meat which is expressed in the words 'Except meat,' it is to be understood that the food to be sacrificed, as stated in other Sâstras, may likewise be chosen.

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