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1. Under (the Nakshatra) Rohinî he shall have the ploughing done.

2. Before it is done, he shall offer at the eastern boundary of his field a Bali to Heaven and Earth.

3. With a verse sacred to Heaven and Earth and with the words, 'Adoration to Heaven and Earth!' (he performs his) worship (to Heaven and Earth).

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4. When the plough is being put into motion first, let a Brâhmana touch the plough reciting this (verse), 'For luck may us the plough-shares' (Rig-veda IV, 57, 8).

5. 'Through the lord of the field'—with (this hymn) (Rig-veda IV, 57), verse by verse, to the different directions (of the sky), from left to right, worship is done.

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