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1. Let him not look at a naked woman, except during sexual intercourse,

2. Nor (look) at the sun while it rises or sets,

3. At an enemy,

4. At an evil-doer,

5. At a person that has to touch dead bodies.

6. Let him not talk with a woman who has recently been confined or who has her courses,

7. Nor with those (mentioned before).

8. Let him not eat food from which its strength is taken away.

9. Let him not do his work with implements wasted by use.

10 10. Let him not eat together (with his wife),

p. 124

11 11. Nor remnants (of food).

12. Remnants of (food belonging to the) Manes, gods, guests, and servants he may eat.

13. Gleaning ears of corn, receiving alms unasked for, or for which he has asked the good, performing sacrifices for others, are the means of livelihood;

14. (Of these) each preceding one is the more respectable.

15 15. Or if (his livelihood) cannot be gained (in one of the ways mentioned), let him follow the occupation of a Vaisya.

16. (He shall be) careful about his duties towards Manes and gods.

17. In due time (he shall) have intercourse with his wife.

18. He shall not lie down (to sleep) in the day-time,

19 19. Nor during the first or the last watch of the night.

20. Let him not sit on the bare ground.

21. He shall constantly perform the prescribed duties regarding the use of water.

22. (And constantly) have his sacrificial cord suspended over his left shoulder.

23. Let him not abandon his teacher,

24. Except on (his teacher's) command,

25. Or with (his) permission.


123:1 11, 1 seq. Rules of conduct for a Snâtaka, i.e. a man who has completed his studentship.

123:7 Etaih pûrvoktaih anâptâdibhir na samvadet. Nârâyana.

123:10 Nârâyana states that 'with his wife' is to be supplied to this Sûtra, which indeed is rendered probable through the comparison of Gautama IX, 32; Manu IV, 43, &c.

124:11 Here also Nârâyana understands bhâryâyâ bhuktasesham.

124:15 Comp. Professor Bühler's note on Gautama X, 5, S.B.E., vol. ii, p. 225.

124:19 Râtreh pûrvaprahare râtreh paskimaprahare ka. Nârâyana.

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