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p. 119


1. And to (students) who have been duly initiated he shall set forth (the Veda);

2. The teacher sitting to the east or to the north, the other one to the south, with his face turned to the north.

3. Or two (students shall be so seated).

4. But more (than two) as there is room (for them).

5. He should not sit on a high seat in presence of a Guru,

6. Nor on the same seat (with him),

7. Nor with outstretched feet,

8. Nor stretching his arms under his knees,

9. Nor leaning his body (against a support), to. Nor forming with his feet a lap,

11 11. Nor holding his feet like an axe.

12 12. After (the student) has said, Recite, sir!' the teacher shall cause him to pronounce the syllable OM.

13. 'OM,' replies the other.

14. Thereafter let him recite uninterruptedly.

15. When he has recited, he embraces (his teacher's feet),

16. Says, 'We have finished, sir!' and (goes away) according to his business.

p. 120

17. (He shall say,) 'Leave! Pause meanwhile!' according to some (teachers).

18. Let no one step between (a teacher and students) who study.

19 19. Let no one change his place during the recitation.

20. Should any fault be committed, let him fast three days, or one day and one night, repeat the Sâvitrî as long as he can, and give something to the Brâhmanas; then after an interruption of one day and one night the study should go on.


119:1 8, 1. Nyâyena sishyadharmena upetâh prâptâs tebhyah sishyebhyo vartayed adhyayanam âkâryah pravartayet. Nârâyana.

119:11 Karanam kuthârikârûpam kritvâ na pathed ity arthah. Nârâyana.

119:12 The words adhîhi bho (recite, sir!) are pronounced by the student; this follows from the passages quoted in the note on 1I, 5, 10. Nârâyana states that those words are pronounced by the teacher (âkâryo guruh sishyam adhyâpanârtham adhîhi bho 3 iti sabdam uktvâ . . .).

120:19 The translation of âtmânam vipariharet is conjectural; comp. also Nârâyana's note, p. 151 of the German edition.

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