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1. On the last (Ashtakâ) he sacrifices cakes,

2. With the words, 'The Ukthya and the Atirâtra. the Sadyahkrî together with the metre—Ashtakâ!

p. 105

[paragraph continues] Preparer of cakes! Adoration to thee, O glad-faced one. Svâhâ!

3-6. A cow or a goat is the animal (to be sacrificed), or a mess of cooked food (should be offered).

4. Or he may optionally offer food to a cow.

5. Or he may optionally burn down brushwood in the forest and say, 'This is my Ashtakâ.'

6. But let him not neglect to do (one of these things). But let him not neglect to do (one of these things).

Here ends the Third Adhyâya.


105:3-6 14, 3-6. This is one of the passages which the author has taken unchanged from a more ancient Sûtra; see Âsv. II, 4, 8-11; Gobhila IV, 1 (end of the chapter). The Sûtras do not refer, as their position would seem to indicate, to the third, but to the second Ashtakâ.

105:5 Comp. Weber, loc. cit., p. 342, note 1.

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