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1. In the afternoon, having obtained by begging fried barley grains, he shall sacrifice them with his hand on the fire according to the rites of the Âgya oblations with the text, 'The lord of the seat, the

p. 74

wonderful' (Rig-veda I, 18, 6 seq.), verse by verse, down to the end of the hymn,

8_2. Causing the teacher by (the gift of) food to pronounce auspicious wishes.


73:1 8, 1. This is the Anupravakanîyahoma treated of by Âsvalâyana at I, 22, 12 seq. There it is stated that this sacrifice should be performed as well after the recitation of the Sâvitrî as after the other p. 74 portions of the Veda, for instance, as the commentary there has it, after the Mahânâmnîs, the Mahâvrata, and the Upanishad have been recited. Nârâyana indicates the time of this sacrifice in the words, 'On that same fast-day (chap. 7, 29) in the afternoon.'

74:8_2 'He shall, by pronouncing such words as svasti bhavanto bruvantu, dispose the teacher favourably so that he may say svasti!' Nârâyana.

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