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1. 'Under my will I take thy heart; my mind shall thy mind follow; in my word thou shalt rejoice with all thy heart; may Brihaspati join thee to me.'

2. 'Thou art the Brahmakârin of Kâma, N.N.!'

3. With the same text (see chap. 3, 2) he turns round as before,

4. And touching with the span of his right hand (the student's) right shoulder, he murmurs:

p. 66

5. 'A student art thou. Put on fuel. Eat water. Do the service. Do not sleep in the day-time. Keep silence till the putting on of fuel.'

6. With (the words), 'Thine, Agni, is this piece of wood,' he puts the fuel on (the fire), or silently.


65:1 4, 1. Comp. Pârask. I, 8, 8, and the note on chap. 3, 3. See also Atharva-veda VI, 94, 2.

65:2 As to Kâmasya brahmakâry asi, see my remarks in the Introduction, p. 9.

65:3 He turns round as described, chap. 3, 2. Nârâyana here also explains paryâvritya paryâvartanam kârayitvâ. See our note above, loc. cit.

66:5 According to Nârâyana the student correspondingly answers, to the teacher's word, 'A student art thou,' 'I will' (asâni), to 'Put on fuel,' 'I will put it on,' &c. Eating water means sipping water after having eased oneself. On the putting on of fuel, comp. Sûtra 6 and chap. 10. The whole formula given in this Sûtra is already found in the Satapatha Brâhmana XI, 5, 4, 5.

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