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1. With the verse, 'I praised Dadhikrâvan' (Rig-veda IV, 39, 6), let them drink together curds.

2-3. Let them sit silent, when the sun has set, until the polar-star appears.

3. He shows her the polar-star with the words, 'Firm be thou, thriving with me!'

4. Let her say, 'I see the polar-star; may I obtain offspring.'

5. Through a period of three nights let them refrain from conjugal intercourse.

6. Let them sleep on the ground.

7. Let them eat together boiled rice with curds, with the three verses, 'Drink and satiate yourselves' (Rig-veda VIII, 35, 10).

8. Let them serve the nuptial fire in the evening and in the morning with the words, 'To Agni svâhâ! To Agni Svishtakrit svâhâ!'

9. 'Let the two men Mitra and Varuna, let the two men, the Asvins both, let the man Indra and also Agni make a man grow in me. Svâhâ!'—with

p. 44

[paragraph continues] (these words she offers) the first oblation if she is desirous of pregnancy.

10. For ten days they are not to set out (from home).


43:2-3 17, 2, 3. I have changed in the translation the division of these Sûtras; the native authorities divide after dhruvadarsanât, while I propose to divide after astamite.

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