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1. This (heart) indeed is even that, it was indeed the true 2 (Brahman). And whosoever knows this great glorious first-born as the true Brahman, he conquers these worlds, and conquered likewise may that (enemy) be 3! yes, whosoever knows this great

p. 191

glorious first-born as the true Brahman; for Brahman is the true.


190:2 The true, not the truth; the truly existing. The commentator explains it as it was explained in II, 3, 1, as sat and tya, containing both sides of the Brahman.

190:3 An elliptical expression, as explained by the commentator: May that one (his enemy) be conquered, just as that one was p. 191 conquered by Brahman. If he conquers the world, how much more his enemy 1' It would be better, however, if we could take gita in the sense of vasîkrita or dânta, because we could then go on with ya evam veda.

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