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1. Om, I satiate the fathers, Svadhâ, adoration! the grandfathers; the great-grandfathers; the mothers; the grandmothers; the great-grandmothers; the maternal grandfathers; the maternal grandmother; the mother's grandmother; the mother's great-grandmother.

2. 'Om, I satiate the teacher (âkârya), Svadhâ, adoration! the wife of the teacher; the friends; the wives of the friends; the relatives; the wives of the relatives; the inmates of the house (amâtya); the wives of the inmates of the house; all; the wives of all.'

3. He pours the water out from the several Tîrthas (of the hand sacred to the several deities). 3

4. (He recites at the end of the rite the following 4

p. 256

[paragraph continues] Mantra): '(Ye waters), who bring food, ambrosia, clarified butter, milk, and barley-gruel, are food for the manes; satiate my ancestors! May you be satiated, may you be satiated!'

5. Let him not perform ceremonies in honour of the gods while his clothes are wet, or while he is dressed in one garment only,.

6. Nor those connected with the manes. That is the opinion) of some (teachers).


255:3 I.e. the water must be poured out in accordance with the rule given above.

255:4gasaneyi Samhitâ II, 34. The translation of the Mantra follows Govinda's explanation.

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