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1. Now (follows the description of) an Atikrikkhra penance. 1

2. Let him eat as much as he can take at one (mouthful, and follow the rules given) above for a Krikkhra, (viz.) to eat during three days in the morning, (during another three days) in the evening, (during further three days) food given without

p. 124

asking, and to fast during the last three days. That is an Atikrikkhra.

3. A Krikkhra penance (during the performance of which one) subsists on water (only is called) a Krikkhrâtikrikkhra. 3

4. The peculiar observances (prescribed during the performance) of Krikkhra penances (are as follows): 4

5. 'Having cut his nails, (the performer) shall cause his beard and all his hair to be shaved off, excepting the eyebrows, the eyelashes, and the lock at the top of the head; (wear) one garment only; he shall eat blameless food; what one obtains by going to beg once (is called) blameless food; he shall bathe in the morning, at noon, and in the evening; he shall carry a stick (and) a waterpot; he shall avoid to speak to women and Sûdras; carefully keeping himself in an upright or sitting posture, he shall stand during the day, and remain seated during the night.' Thus speaks the divine Vasishtha.

6. Let him not instruct in these Institutes of the sacred law anybody but his son or a pupil who stays (in his house at least) for a year. 6

7. The fee (for teaching it) is one thousand (panas), (or) ten cows and a bull, or the worship of the teacher.


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124:6 The MSS. read in the beginning of this Sûtra, satayânudeti or satayâtudeta, while Krishnapandita, probably as a guess, writes satapâ nudati. I do not think that his correction is satisfactory, and propose in its stead, sa tadyadetad (dharmasâstram).

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