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p. 139


1. Receiving anything from a (Mlekkha or other) despicable person (even though not as a present, but in the form of interest, &c.), traffic (even with articles that are not forbidden to sell), subsisting by money-lending (even without exceeding the legitimate rate of interest), telling lies (even though not in giving evidence), and serving a Sûdra (even though without doing servile acts for him) are crimes rendering unworthy to receive alms.

2. He who has committed a crime rendering unworthy to receive alms, is purified by the penance Taptakrikkhra (in case he committed it knowingly), or by the penance Sîtakrikkhra (in case he did it unawares), or by the penance Mahâsântapana (in case it was committed) repeatedly.

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