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1. Killing domestic or wild animals are crimes degrading to a mixed caste.

2. He who has committed a crime degrading to a mixed caste shall eat barley-gruel for a month (if he has committed it knowingly), or perform the penance Krikkhrâtikrikkhra (if he has committed it unawares).

[35. Regarding the penances called Kândrâyana and Parâka see below, XLVIII and XLVII, 18.

XXXVIII. 1-6, M. XI, 68.

7. 1 See XLVI, 19, 10.

XXXIX. 1. M. XI, 69.

2. Regarding the penance Krikkhrâtikrikkhra, see XLVI, 13. 'The use of the causative form kârayet indicates that he may {footnote p. 139} perform the penance mentioned here through a substitute, if unable to perform it himself. (Nand.)]

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