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1. My speech rests in the mind, my mind rests in speech 3. Appear to me (thou, the Highest Self)! You (speech and mind) are the two pins 4 (that hold the wheels) of the Veda. May what I have learnt not forsake me 5. I join day and night with what I have learnt 6. I shall speak of the real, I shall speak the true. May this protect me, may this protect the teacher! May it protect me, may it protect the teacher, yea, the teacher!


246:2 This seventh adhyâya contains a propitiatory prayer (sântikaro mantrah). It is frequently left out in the MSS. which contain the Aitareya-upanishad with Saṅkara's commentary, and Dr. Roer has omitted it in his edition. Sâyana explains it in his commentary on the Aitareya-âranyaka; and in one MS. of Saṅkara's commentary on the Aitareya-upanishad, which is in my possession, the seventh adhyâya is added with the commentary of Mâdhavâmâtya, the Âgñâpâlaka of Vîrabukka-mahârâga.

246:3 The two depend on each other.

246:4 Ant, explained by the commentator as ânayanasamartha.

246:5 Cf. Kh. Up. IV, 2, 5.

246:6 I repeat it day and night so that I may not forget it.

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