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1. He who is called ether 3 (âkâsa) is the revealer of all forms and names. That within which these forms and names are contained is the Brahman, the Immortal, the Self.

I come to the hall of Pragâpati, to the house; I am the glorious among Brahmans, glorious among princes, glorious among men 4. I obtained that glory, I am glorious among the glorious. May I never go to the white, toothless, yet devouring, white abode 5; may I never go to it.


143:3 Âkâsa, ether or space, is a name of Brahman, because, like ether, Brahman has no body and is infinitely small.

143:4 Here the three classes, commonly called castes, are clearly marked by the names of brâhmana, râgan, and vis.

143:5 Yonisabditam pragananendriyam.

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