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1. 'Ether (or space) is better than fire. For in the ether exist both sun and moon, the lightning, stars, and fire (agni). Through the ether we call, through the ether we hear, through the ether we answer 1. In the ether or space we rejoice (when we are together), and rejoice not (when we are separated). In the ether everything is born, and towards the ether everything tends when it is born 2. Meditate on ether.

2. 'He who meditates on ether as Brahman, obtains the worlds of ether and of light, which are free from pressure and pain, wide and spacious 3; he is, as it were, lord and master as far as ether reaches--he who meditates on ether as Brahman.'

'Sir, is there something better than ether?'

p. 119

Yes, there Is something better than ether.'

'Sir, tell it me.'


118:1 Cf. Kh. Up. IV, 5, 2

118:2 The seed grows upwards towards the ether; not downwards.

118:3 Cf. Kâth. Up. II, 11.

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