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HYMN CXV1. Indra.

1. DRINK Soma juice for mighty power and vigour, drink, Strongest One, that thou mayst smite down Vṛtra.
Drink thou, invoked, for strength, and riches: drink thou thy fill of meath and pour it down, O Indra.
2 Drink of the foodful juice stirred into motion, drink what thou choosest of the flowing Soma.
Giver of weal, be joyful in thy spirit, and turn thee hitherward to bless and prosper.
3 Let heavenly Soma gladden thee, O Indra, let that effused among mankind delight thee.
Rejoice in that whereby thou gavest freedom, and that whereby thou conquerest thy foemen.
4 Let Indra come, impetuous, doubly mighty, to the poured juice, the Bull, with two Bay Coursers.
With juices pressed in milk, with meath presented, glut evermore thy bolt, O Foe-destroyer.
5 Dash down, outffaming their sharp flaming weapons, the strong-holds of the men urged on by demons.
I give thee, Mighty One, great strength and conquest: go, meet thy foes and rend them in the battle.
6 Extend afar the votary's fame and glory, as the firm archer's strength drives off the foeman.
Ranged on our side, grown strong in might that conquers, never defeated, still increase thy body.
7 To thee have we presented this oblation: accept it, Sovran Ruler, free from anger.
Juice, Maghavan, for thee is pressed and ripened: eat, Indra, drink of that which stirs to meet thee.
8 Eat, Indra, these oblations which approach thee: be pleased with food made ready and with Soma.
With entertainment we receive thee friendly: effectual be the sacrificer's wishes.
9 I send sweet speech to Indra and to Agni: with hymns I speed it like a boat through waters.
Even thus, the Gods seem moving round about me, the fountains and bestowers of our riches.

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