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1. THE Heavens and the Earth accordant with all Gods encouraged graciously that vigorous might of his.
When he came showing forth his majesty and power, he drank of Soma juice and waxed exceeding strong.
2 This majesty of his Viṣṇu extols and lauds, making the stalCthat gives the meath flow forth with inight.
When Indra Maghavan with those who followed him had smitten Vṛtra he deserved the choice of Gods.
3 When, bearing warlike weapons, fain to win thee praise, thou mettest Vṛtra, yea, the Dragon, for the fight,
Then all the Maruts who were gathered with dice there extolled, O Mighty One, thy powerful majesty.
4 Soon as he sprang to life he forced asun. der hosts: forward the Hero looked to manly deed and war.
He cleft the rock, he let concurrent streams flow forth, and with his skilful art stablished the heavens' wide vault.
5 Indra hath evermore possessed surpassing power: he forced, far from each other, heaven and earth apart.
He hurled impetuous down his iron thunderbolt, a joy to Varuṇa's and Mitra's worshipper.
6 Then to the mighty powers of Indra, to his wrath, his the fierce Stormer, loud of voice, they came with speed;
What time the Potent One rent Vṛtra with his strength, who held the waters back, whom darkness compassed round.
7 Even in the first of those heroic acts which they who strove together came with might to execute,
Deep darkness fell upon the slain, and Indra won by victory the right of being first invoked.
8 Then all the Gods extolled, with eloquence inspired by draughts of Soma juice, thy deeds of manly might.
As Agni eats the dry food with his tcetlv, he ate Vṛtra, the Dragon, maimed by Indra's deadly dart.
9 Proclaim his many friendships, met with friendship, made with singers, with the skilful and the eloquent.
Indra, when he subdues Dhuni and Cumuri, lists to Dabhīti for his faithful spirit's sake.
10 Give riches manifold with noble horses, to be remembered while my songs address thee.
May we by easy paths pass all our troubles: find us this day a ford wide and extensive.

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