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HYMN CVIII. Saramā. Paṇis.

1. WHAT wish of Saramā hath brought her hither? The path leads far away to distant places.
What charge hast thou for us? Where turns thy journey? How hast thou made thy way o’er Rasā's waters.
2 I come appointed messenger of Indra, seeking your ample stores of wealth, O Paṇis.
This hath preserved me from the fear of crossing: thus have I made my way o’er Rasā's waters.
3 What is that Indra like, what is his aspect whose envoy, Saramā, from afar thou comest?
Let him approach, and we will show him friendship: he shall be made the herdsman of our cattle.
4 I know him safe from harm: but he can punish who sent me hither from afar as envoy.
Him rivers flowing with deep waters bide not. Low will ye be, O Paṇis, slain by Indra.
5 These are the kine which, Saramā, thou seekest, flying, O Blest One, to the ends of heaven.
Who will loose these for thee without a battle? Yea, and sharp-pointed are our warlike weapons.
6 Even if your wicked bodies, O ye Paṇis, were arrow-proof, your words are weak for wounding;
And were the path to you as yet unmastered, Bṛhaspati in neither case will spare you.
7 Paved with the rock is this our treasure-chamber; filled full of precious things, of kine, and horses.
These Paṇis who are watchful keepers guard it. In vain hast thou approached this lonely station.
8 Ṛṣis will come inspirited with Soma, Aṅgirases unwearied, and Navagvas.
This stall of cattle will they part among them: then will the Paṇis wish these words unspoken.
9 Even thus, O Saramā, hast thou come hither, forced by celestial might to make the journey.
Turn thee not back, for thou shalt be our sister: O Blest One, we will give thee of the cattle.
10 Brotherhood, sisterhood, I know not either: the dread Aṅgirases and Indra know them.
They seemed to long for kine when I departed. Hence, into distance, be ye gone, O Paṇis.
11 Hence, far away, ye Paṇis! Let the cattle lowing come forth as holy Law commandeth,
Kine which Bṛhaspati, and Soma, Ṛṣis, sages, and pressing-stones have found when hidden.

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