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HYMN LXV. Viśvedevas.

1. MAY Agni, Indra, Mitra, Varuṇa consent, Aryaman, Vāyu, Pūṣan, and Sarasvatī,
Ādityas, Maruts, Viṣṇu, Soma, lofty Sky, Rudra and Aditi, and Brahmaṇaspati.
2 Indra and Agni, Hero-lords when Vṛtra fell, dwelling together, speeding emulously on,
And Soma blent with oil, putting his greatness forth, have with their power filled full the mighty firmament.
3 Skilled in the Law I lift the hymn of praise to these, Law-strengtheners, unassailed, and great in majesty.
These in their wondrous bounty send the watery sea: may they as kindly Friends send gifts to make us great.
4 They with their might have stayed Heaven, Earth, and Prthivi, the Lord of Light, the firmament, -the lustrous spheres.
Even as fleet-foot steeds who make their masters glad, the princely Gods are praised, most bountiful to man.
5 Bring gifts to Mitra and to Varuṇa who, Lords of all, in spirit never fail the worshipper,
Whose statute shines on high through everlasting Law, whose places of sure refuge are the heavens and earth.
6 The cow who yielding milk goes her appointed way hither to us as leader of holy rites,
Speaking aloud to Varuṇa and the worshipper, shall with oblation serve Vivasvān and the Gods.
7 The Gods whose tongue is Agni dwell in heaven, and sit, aiders of Law, reflecting, in the seat of Law.
They propped up heaven and then brought waters with their might, got sacrifice and in a body made it fair.
8 Born in the oldest time, the Parents dwelling round are sharers of one mansion in the home of Law.
Bound by their common vow Dyaus, Prthivi stream forth the moisture rich in oil to Varuṇa the Steer.
9 Parjanya, Vāta, mighty, senders of the rain, Indra and Vāyu, Varuṇa, Mitra, Aryaman:
We call on Aditi, Ādityas, and the Gods, those who are on the earth, in waters, and in heaven.
10 Tvaṣṭar and Vāyu, those who count as Ṛbhus, both celestial Hotar-priests, and Dawn for happiness,
Winners of wealth, we call, and wise Bṛhaspati, destroyer of our foes, and Soma Indra's Friend.
11 They generated prayer, the cow, the horse, the plants, the forest trees, the earth, the waters, and the hills.
These very bounteous Gods made the Sun mount to heaven, and spread the righteous laws of Āryas o’er the land.
12 O Aśvins, ye delivered Bhujyu from distress, ye animated Śyāva, Vadhrmati's son.
To Vimada ye brought his consort Kamadyu, and gave his lost Viṣṇāpū back to Viśvaka.
13 Thunder, the lightning's daughter, Aja-Ekapād, heaven's bearer, Sindhu, and the waters of the sea:
Hear all the Gods my words, Sarasvatī give ear together with Purandhi and with Holy Thoughts.
14 With Holy Thoughts and with Purandhi may all Gods, knowing the Law immortal, Manu's Holy Ones,
Boon-givers, favourers, finders of light, and Heaven, with gracious love accept my songs, my prayer, my hymn.
15 Immortal Gods have I, Vasiṣṭha, lauded, Gods set on high above all other beings.
May they this day grant us wide space and freedom: ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

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