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HYMN LXXXIII. Soma Pavamana.

1. SPREAD is thy cleansing filter, Brahmaṇaspati: as Prince, thou enterest its limbs from every side.
The raw, whose mass hath not been heated gains not this: they only which are dressed, which bear, attain to it.
2 High in the seat of heaven is spread the Scorcher's sieve: its threads are standing separate, glittering with light.
The Swift Ones favour him who purifieth this: with consciousness they stand upon the height of heaven.
3 The foremost spotted Steer hath made the Mornings shine, and yearning after strength sustains all things that be.
By his high wisdom have the mighty Sages wrought: the Fathers who behold mankind laid down the germ,
4 Gandharva verily protects his dwellingplace; Wondrous, he guards the generations of the Gods.
Lord of the snare, he takes the foeman with the snare: those who are most devout have gained a share of meath.
5 Rich in oblations! robed in cloud, thou corapassest oblation, sacrifice, the mighty seat of Gods.
King, on thy chariot-sieve thou goest up to war, and with a thousand weapons winnest lofty fame.

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