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HYMN LXXXI. Soma Pavamana.

1. ONWARD to Indra's throat move, beauteously adorned, the waves of Soma as he purifies himself,
When they, brought forward with the lovely curd of kine, effused, have cheered the Hero to bestow his gifts.
2 Hither hath Soma flowed unto the beakers, like a chariot-horse, a stallion swift upon his way.
Thus, knowing both the generations, he obtains the rights and dues of Gods from yonder and from hence.
3 While thou art cleansed, O Soma, scatter wealth on us; Indu, bestow great bounty as a liberal Prince.
Giver of life, with wisdom help to opulence; strew not our home possessions far away from us.
4 Hither let Pūṣan Pavamana come to us, Varuṇa, Mitra, bountiful, of one accord,
The Maruts, Aśvins, Vāyu, and Bṛhaspati, Savitar, Tvaṣṭar, tractable Sarasvatī.
5 Both Heaven and Earth, the all-invigorating Pair, Vidhatar, Aditi, and Aryaman the God,
Bhaga who blesses men, the spacious Firmament,—let all the Gods in Pavamana take delight.

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