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HYMN LXXVI. Soma Pavamana.

1. ON flows the potent juice, sustainer of the heavens, the strength of Gods, whom men must hail with shouts of joy.
The Gold-hued, started like a courser by brave men, impetuously winneth splendour in the streams.
2 He takes his weapons, like a hero, in his hands, fain to win light, car-borne, in forays for the kine.
Indu, while stimulating India's might, is urged forward and balmed by sages skilful in their task.
3 Soma, as thou art purified with flowing wave, exhibiting thy strength enter thou Indra's throat.
Make both worlds stream for us, as lightning doth the clouds: mete out exhaustless powers for us, as ’twere through song.
4 Onward he flows, the King of all that sees the light: the Ṛṣis’ Lord hath raised the song of sacrifice;
Even he who is adorned with Sūrya's arrowy beam, Father of hymns, whose wisdom is beyond our reach.
5 Like as a bull to herds, thou flowest to the pail, bellowing as a steer upon the water's lap.
So, best of Cheerers, thou for Indra flowest on that we, with thy protection, may o’ercome in fight.

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