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1. YE Twain are Priests of sacrifice, winners in war and holy works:
Indra and Agni, mark this well.
2 Ye bounteous riders on the car, ye Vṛtra-slayers unsubdued:
Indra and Agni, mark this well.
3 The men with pressing-stones have pressed this meath of yours which gives delight:
Indra, and Agni, mark this well.
4 Accept our sacrifice for weal, sharers of praise! the Soma shed:
Indra and Agni, Heroes, come.
5 Be pleased with these libations which attract you to our sacred gifts
Indra and Agni, Heroes, come.
6 Accept this eulogy of mine whose model is the Gāyatrī:
Indra and Agni, Heroes, Come.
7 Come with the early-faring Gods, ye who are Lords of genuine wealth:
Indra-Agni, to the Soma-draught
8 Hear ye the call of Atris, hear Śyāvāśva as he sheds the juice:
Indra-Agni to the Soma-draught
9 Thus have I called you to our aid as sages called on you of old:
Indra-Agni to the Soma draught!
10 Indra's and Agni's grace I claim, Sarasvatī's associates
To whom this psalm of praise is sung.

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