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1. WERE not in sooth, the Gods aforetime blameless, whose pleasure was increased by adoration?
For Vāyu and for man in his affliction they caused the Morning to arise with Sūrya.
2 Guardians infallible, eager as envoys' preserve us safe through many months and autumns.
Addressed to you, our fair praise, Indra-Vāyu, implores your favour and renewed well-being.
3 Wise, bright, arranger of his teams, he. seeketh men with rich food whose treasures are abundant.
They have arranged them of one mind with Vāyu: the men have wrought all noble operations.
4 So far as native power and strength permit you, so far as men behold whose eyes have vision,
O ye pure-drinkers, drink with us pure Soma: sit on this sacred grass, Indra and Vāyu.
5 Driving down teams that bear the lovely Heroes, hitherward, Indra-Vāyu, come together.
To you this prime of savoury juice is offered: here loose your horses and be friendly-minded.
6 Your hundred and your thousand teams, O Indra and Vāyu, all-munificent, which attend you,
With these most gracious-minded come ye hither, and drink, O Heroes of the meath we offer.
7 Like coursers seeking fame will we Vasisthas, O Indra-Vāyu, with our fair laudations,
Exerting all our powe-,, call you to aid us. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

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