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HYMN XC. Vāyu.

1. To you pure juice, rich in meath, are offered by priest: through longing for the Pair of Heroes.
Drive, Vāyu, bring thine harnessed horses hither: drink the pressed Soma till it make thee joyful.
2 Whoso to thee, the Mighty, brings oblation, pure Soma unto thee, pure-drinking Vāyu,
That man thou makest famous among mortals: to him strong sons are born in quick succession.
3 The God whom both these worlds brought forth for riches, whom heavenly Dhiṣaṇā for our wealth appointeth,
His team of harnessed horses waits on Vāyu, and, foremost, on the radiant Treasure-bearer.
4 The spotless Dawns with fair bright days have broken; they found the spacious light when they were shining.
Eagerly they disclosed the stall of cattle: floods streamed for them as in the days aforetime.
5 These with their truthful spirit, shining brightly, move on provided with their natural insight.
Viands attend the car that beareth Heroes, your car, ye Sovran Pair, Indra and Vāyu.
6 May these who give us heavenly light, these rulers, with gifts of kine and horses, gold and treasures.
These princes, through full life, Indra and Vāyu! o’ercome in battle with their steeds and heroes.
7 Like coursers seeking fame will we Vasisthas, O Indra-Vāyu, with our fair laudations.
Exerting all our power call you to aid us. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

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