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HYMN LIX. Indra-Agni.

1. I WILL declare, while juices flow, the manly deeds that ye have done:
Your Fathers, enemies of Gods, were smitten down, and, Indra-Agni, ye survive.
2 Thus, Indra-Agnip verily your greatness merits loftiest praise,
Sprung from one common Father, brothers, twins are ye; your Mother is in every place.
3 These who delight in flowing juice, like fellow horses at their food,
Indra and Agni, Gods armed with the thunderbolt, we call this day to come with help.
4 Indra and Agni, Friends of Law, served with rich gifts, your speech is kind
To him who praises you while these libations flow: that man, O Gods, ye ne’er consume.
5 What mortal understands, O Gods, Indra and Agni, this your way?
One of you, yoking Steeds that move to every side, advances in your common car.
6 First, Indra-Agni, hath this Maid come footless unto those with feet.
Stretching her head and speaking loudly with her tongue, she hath gone downward thirty steps.
7 E’en now, O Indra-Agni, men hold in their arms and stretch their bows.
Desert us not in this great fray, in battles for the sake of kine.
8 The foeman's sinful enmities, Indra and Agni, vex me sore.
Drive those who hate me far away, and keep them distant from the Sun.
9 Indra and Agni, yours are all the treasures of the heavens and earth.
Here give ye us the opulence that prospers every living man.
10 O Indra-Agni, who accept the laud, and hear us for our praise,
Come near us, drawn by all our songs, to drink of this our Soma juice.

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