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HYMN LVII. Indra and Pūṣan.

1. INDRA and Pūṣan will we call for friend ship and prosperity
And for the winning of the spoil.
2 One by the Soma sits to drink juice which the mortar hath expressed:
The other longs for curd and meal.
3 Goats are the team that draws the one: the other hath Bay Steeds at hand;
With both of these he slays the fiends.
4 When Indra, wondrous strong, brought down the streams, the mighty waterfloods,
Pūṣan was standing by his side.
5 To this, to Pūṣan's favouring love, and Indra's, may we closely cling,
As to a tree's extended bough.
6 As one who drives a car draws in his reins, may we draw Pūṣan near,
And Indra, for our great success.

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