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HYMN LVI, Pūṣan.

1. WHOSO remembers Pūṣan as cater of mingled curd and meal
Need think no more upon the God.
2 And he is best of charioteers. Indra, the hero's Lord, allied
With him as Friend, destroys the foes.
3 And there the best of charioteers hath guided through the speckled cloud
The golden wheel of Sūra's car.
4 Whate’er we speak this day to thee, Wise, Wondrous God whom many praise,
Give thou fulfilment of our thought.
5 Lead on this company of ours, that longs for kine, to win the spoil:
Thou, Pūṣan, art renowned afar.
6 Prosperity we crave from thee, afar from sin and near to wealth,
Tending to perfect happiness both for to. morrow and to-day.

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