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1. FULL Many songs have met in thee, O Indra, and many a noble thought from thee proceedeth.
Now and of old the eulogies of sages, their holy hymns and lauds, have yearned for Indra.
2 He, praised of many, bold, invoked of many, alone is glorified at sacrifices.
Like a car harnessed for some great achievement, Indra must be the cause of our rejoicing.
3 They make their way to Indra and exalt him, bim whom no prayers and no laudations trouble;
For when a hundred or a thousand singers. laud him who loves the song their praise delights him.
4 As brightness mingles with the Moon in heaven, the offered Soma yearns to mix with Indra.
Like water brought to men in desert places, our gifts at sacrifice have still refreshed him.
5 To him this mighty eulogy, to Indra hath this our laud been uttered by the poets,
That in the great encounter with the foemen, Loved of all life, Indra may guard and help us.

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