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HYMN V. Agni.

1. I INVOCATE your Son of Strength, the Youthful, with hymns, the Youngest God, whose speech is guileless;
Sage who sends wealth comprising every treasure, bringer of many boons, devoid of malice.
2 At eve and morn thy pious servants bring thee their precious gifts, O Priest of many aspects,
On whom, the Purifier, all things living as on firm. ground their happiness have stablished.
3 Thou from of old hast dwelt among these people, by mental power the charioteer of blessings.
Hence sendest thou, O sapient Jātavedas, to him who serves thee treasures in succession.
4 Agni, whoever secretly attacks us, the neighbour, thou with Mitra's might! who harms us,
Burn him with thine own Steers for ever youthful, burning with burning heat, thou fiercest burner.
5 He who serves thee with sacrifice and fuel, with hymn, O Son of Strength, and chanted praises,
Shines out, Immortal! in the midst of mortals, a sage, with wealth, with splendour and with glory.
6 Do this, O Agni, when we urge thee, quickly, triumphant in thy might subdue our foemen.
When thou art praised with words and decked with brightness, accept this chanted hymn, the singer's worship.
7 Help us, that we may gain this wish, O Agni, gain riches, Wealthy One! with store of heroes.
Desiring strength from thee may we be strengthened, and win, Eternal! thine eternal glory.

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