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p. 418


SHREE SHOOKDEO JEE said,--O great king! one day in the city of Dwarka, when Shree Krishnù Chund and Bulram went to Basoodeo Jee, he, on seeing the two brothers, rose and stood up, reflecting in his mind, "That at Koorchetrù, Narud Jee had said, 'That Shree Krishnù Chund is the creator of the world;'" and joining his hands Basoodeo said, "O lord! unseen, invisible and imperishable! Luchmee has become your handmaid, and constantly attends upon you; you are the god of all the gods; no one understands your nature; your splendour, is in the moon, the sun, the earth and the sky; you shine in every place; your delusive power is very mighty; it has led astray the whole world. In the three worlds, there is no god, man or sage, who can escape from its influence."

Having thus spoken, Basoodeo Jee again said, "Lord! no one comprehends the mysteries of your state, in the Vedas they are described as unfathomable, you have neither enemies nor friends; nor are sons, father and brothers dear to you. You have descended upon the earth to remove its burthens; and, for the sake of men, have assumed many different semblances."

O great king! having thus spoken, Basoodeo Jee said,--"O sea of compassion and brother of the poor! in the same

p. 419

manner as thou hast saved many sinners compassionately grant me salvation also, in order that having crossed the sea of existence, I may sing of thy excellent attributes." Shree Krishnù Chund replied, "Father! you are wise, why do you exalt your sons? Think a little in your mind that the acts of Bhugwut are infinite; no one has to this day ascertained the limits of them. Behold! he shines in every mortal frame, and therefore the world calls him 'The being without passions or human qualities.' He creates, he destroys, he remains mixed with the world, but can never be bound by it. Earth, sky, air, water and fire, the five elements of the body, in them all the power of the lord abides. The sacred precepts of the Vedas have declared this."

O great king! on hearing these words from the mouth of Shree Krishnù Chund Jee, Basoodeo, being under the influence of fascination, was silent and remained gazing on the countenance of Huri; then Krishnù went thence to his mother, and on seeing her son, Dewukee Jee said, "O! Shree Krishnù Chund, the root of joy! one grief at times pierces me." Krishnù enquired, "What it was?" Dewukee Jee replied, "Son! grief for the loss of your six elder brothers, whom Kuns destroyed, never departs from my mind."

Shree Shookdeo Jee said,--O great king! on his saying this, Shree Krishnù Chund Jee went to the regions below, having first said to his mother, "Mourn not now, I will bring my brothers here immediately," When Raja Buli received intelligence of Krishnù's arrival, he came out to meet him; and, having with great pomp and preparation, spread silken cloths for him to walk upon, escorted him to his own abode; having afterwards seated him on a throne, and put sandal, unbroken rice and flowers upon his forehead, and placed before him perfumes, lamps and consecrated food, Raja Buli worshipped Shree Krishnù Chund, then standing before him with joined hands, and glorifying him greatly, he said, "O great king! why have you come here?" Huri replied "Raja! in

p. 420

the age of truth (or in the good age) there was a sage named Mureech, a great, religious student, wise, a speaker of the truth and a devout worshipper of Huri; his wife's name was Oorna, who had six sons. One day, the six brothers in their youthful state having gone before the Raja (the lord of subjects) laughed; observing that they laughed, the Raja was very angry, and pronounced this curse, 'Go, and descend upon the earth as demons.' O great king! on hearing this curse, the sage's sons were greatly alarmed, and went and fell at the feet of the Raja; and having beseeched him greatly said, with the utmost humility, 'O sea of compassion! you have pronounced a curse; but be pleased to favour us by saying; when we shall be liberated from it.' Having heard their humble speech, the Raja taking compassion upon them, said, 'When you see Shree Krishnù' Chund, you will be released.' O great king! on his saying this, they gave up the ghost, and became the sons of Hurinakoos; then they were born as the sons of Basoodeo, whom Kuns came and murdered, on their being slain, the delusive power brought them here, and, conferring happiness, placed them in this abode; their mother Dewukee mourns for them; for this reason, I am come here, that I may take away my brothers with me and present them to my mother, and remove the anxiety of her mind."

Shree Shookdeo Jee said, Raja! when Huri had thus spoken, Raja Buli brought and gave him the six children, and placed before him many presents; then Krishnù came thence with his brothers to his mother; who, on seeing her sons, was highly delighted; when the inhabitants heard this, there was joy throughout the city, and the curse pronounced upon the sons terminated.

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