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p. 414


SHREE SHOOKDEO JEE said,--O great king! listen with attention, while I relate the story of the coming of all the sages, and of the performing of sacrifice by Basoodeo Jee: One day Rajas Oogursen and Soorsen, Basoodeo, Shree Krishnù and Bulram were seated in full assembly with all the descendants of Judoo, and the kings of other countries were also present; at this time Byas, Bushisht, Bishwamitrù Bamdeo, Purashur, Bhrigoo, Poolusk, Bhurdooaj, Markundeyù and eighty-eight thousand other sages, having a desire to see Shree Krishnù Chund, the root of joy, came there; and Narud Jee also came with them. On seeing them, the whole court rose up; and then, having performed obeisance, and thrown down silken cloths for them to walk upon, they conducted all the sages into the assembly, after this Shree Krishnù Chund having placed them all upon seats, and having washed their feet drank the water with which their feet had been washed, and sprinkled it upon the whole assembly; then having offered sandal, unbroken rice, flowers, perfumes, lamps and consecrated food, Bhugwan worshipped them all, and went round to the right by way of adoration; and, standing in their presence with joined hands, Huri said, "Great is our good fortune that you have come and visited us, and sat in our

p. 415

house; the sight of a good man is equal to bathing in the Ganges, he who has seen a holy man (or received a visit from a holy man) has had the crime of each birth effaced."

Having proceeded thus far in the narrative, Shree Shookdeo Jee said,--O great king! when Shree Bhugwan had thus spoken, then all the sages remained reflecting, "When the lord, who is in the form of light, and the creator of the universe, says this, what need we care what any one else may say, or has said?" Whilst the sages thought thus in their minds, Narud Jee said, "Listen to me all ye of the assembly with attention: the delusive power of Huri cannot be comprehended this power, in the form of Bruhmù, creates; as Vishnù, it preserves; as Shivù, it destroys: its nature is infinite, beyond the comprehension of man's intellect; but by his favour we know so much, that Vishnù frequently descends upon the earth to confer happiness upon holy men, destroy the wicked and promote what is eternally right."

When, O great king! having thus spoken, Narud Jee was on the point of rising up and leaving the assembly, Basoodeo came before him, and, with joined hands and with submissiveness, said, "O chief of the sages! be pleased to favour us by saying, how a man, having come into the world, can escape from fate."

O great king! when Basoodeo Jee had thus spoken, all the holy men and sages remained looking at the countenance of Narud Jee; then Narud Jee, understanding the wishes of their minds, said to the sages, "O divinities! be not astonished at this speech; the delusive power of Shree Krishnù is mighty, it has overcome and conquered the whole world, and therefore Basoodeo Jee has thus spoken, and some one else has also thus said, 'Near whom, whoever remains, he is under the influence of his good qualities, and subjected to the illusion of his glory, without being aware of it.' As

p. 416

any one living on the banks of the Ganges, who goes elsewhere; and, having abandoned the Ganges, drinks well water, so have the Judoos become unintelligent; and do not comprehend at all the nature of Krishnû." Narud Jee having by these words removed the perplexities of the sages, said to Basoodeo Jee, "O great king! it is written in the Shastrùs, that the man, who performs pilgrimage, makes offerings, or performs penance, or fasts or offers sacrifice, having escaped from the bonds of the world, will obtain supreme felicity." On hearing these words, Basoodeo Jee was delighted, and immediately procured and made ready all things necessary for a sacrifice, and said to the saints and sages, "Please favour me by commencing the sacrifice."

When, O great king! Basoodeo Jee had thus spoken, all the brahmins prepared and arranged a building for the sacrifice. Upon this Basoodeo Jee went and sat with his wives near the altar; and all the Rajas and the Judoos prepared to assist in the sacrifice.

Having proceeded thus far in the narrative, Shree Shookdeo Jee said to the Raja,--O great king! when Basoodeo went and sat at the altar, the sages began the sacrifice according to the injunctions of the Vedas; and, after reading incantations from the Vedas, they began to offer oblations with fire to the deities; and the gods in bodily shape came running to receive them.

When, O great king! the sacrifice was begun; above, the celestial choristers and musicians, playing upon pipes and drums, began to sing of the excellences of the gods; and bards and panegyrists to celebrate their praises. Oorbusee and the other celestial courtezans danced; and the gods, seated in their chariots, rained down flowers; and below, the singers and dancers sang and danced, and engaged in festivities; and beggars raised cries of exultation and rejoicing, in midst of which the sacrifice was completed. And Basoodeo Jee, having offered the final oblation and arrayed the brahmins in silken clothes, and adorned them with ornaments,

p. 417

presented them with many jewels, and much wealth: and they read incantations from the Vedas, and pronounced their blessing. After this, Basoodeo presented robes to, and entertained the kings of different countries, who then offered the sacrificial gifts; and taking leave, returned home. On the departure of the Rajas, all the sages and saints and Narud Jee also took leave.

It is not possible to describe the subsequent scene, when Nund Rae Jee and the cowherdesses, and the cowherds and their children were about to take leave of Basoodeo. The descendants of Judoo, on the one hand, made all kinds of affectionate speeches; and the inhabitants of Bruj, on the other hand, did so likewise; this happy scene must have been witnessed to be understood, I cannot attempt to describe it. At length, Basoodeo and Shree Krishnù, and Bulram, having entered into explanations with Nund Rae Jee and the rest of the party, and made them understand, and having arrayed them in honorary dresses, and bestowed great wealth upon them, allowed them to take leave.

Having recited thus much of the narrative, Shree Shookdeo Jee said,--O great king! when Shree Krishnù Chund and Bulram Jee returned to the city of Dwarka with the rest of the party, after having bathed during the festival, and offered sacrifice, there were rejoicings and festivities in every house.

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