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SHREE SHOOKDEO, the sage, said,--O lord of the earth! when Shree Krishnù Jee heard these words of Akroor, he sent him off to bring intelligence of Pandoo. After travelling from Muttra some days in his ruth, he reached Hustinapoor; and, on arrival there, went to the court of the Raja Doorjodhun, who was sitting on his throne, and, having made a salutation, stood before him. On seeing him, Doorjodhun arose with all his court, and embraced him; and seating him with great dignity and respect near him, made various enquiries, saying, "Happy are Soorsen and Basoodeo! happy Krishnù and Buldeo! Oogursen has been made a Raja by them, and on their account does not think of any one; since his son's death he has reigned and is independent of every one."

When Doorjodhun had thus spoken, Akroor was silent, and began to reflect, "That this was a court of wicked men, where it was not right for him to remain: because if he staid there, they would make many more such speeches, to which he could not with propriety listen; and, therefore, he ought not to remain there."

With these thoughts in his mind, Akroor Jee arose, and went thence to the house of Pandoo, accompanied by Bidoor.

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[paragraph continues] On arrival there he beheld Koontee in great affliction at the loss of her husband, and shedding tears. He went and sat by her side, and said to her, "Mother! no one has power over Bruhmù; and no one is immortal, and lives for ever. Whilst in the body, the soul suffers pain and pleasure; for which reason it is not becoming in man to grieve and be anxious, because nothing is gained by indulging in grief; the mind only is afflicted by it."

When, O great king! Akroor Jee had thus reasoned with Koontee, she reflected upon what he had said, and remained silent; and then enquired from Akroor, "Whether her mother, father, her brother, Basoodeo, and his relations were all well; and whether Shree Krishnù and Bulram ever thought of their five brothers, Bheem, Joodisthur, Urjoon, Nukool and Suhdeo. They are here fallen into a sea of trouble; and when will they come to their assistance and rescue? We cannot endure the tyranny of the blind Dritrasht; because he acts by the advice of Doorjodhun, and is day and night planning to destroy the five brothers. He has frequently mixed poison for them, which my Bheemsen once drank." Koontee afterwards added, "O Akroor Jee! since all the members of the family of Kooroo are such great enemies, to whom are my children to look with affection, and how shall they grow up, and escape death? How shall I explain to you the great afflictions I endure? And as a doe, separated from the herd, is greatly alarmed, in like manner I am constantly disquieted and sad. They are my protectors, who have destroyed Kuns and all evil spirits. Go and tell them of the griefs of their brothers, Judisthur, Urjoon and Bheem."

Akroor's eyes filled with tears at hearing these words of Koontee, spoken with great humility; and he reasoned with her and said, "Mother! banish all anxiety, these five sons of yours will be very powerful and celebrated. They will utterly destroy their enemies, and all wicked persons as Shree Gobind is their ally." Again Akroor Jee said, "Shree

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[paragraph continues] Krishnù and Bulram sent me here with this message, 'Tell our aunt not to vex or fret herself, as we will soon come to her.'"

O great king! having thus delivered Shree Krishnù's message, Akroor Jee entered into explanations with Koontee, and restored her to confidence and composure; and, taking leave went to Dritrasht, accompanied by Bidoor, and said to him, "Why do you, who are an old man, exercise such tyranny; and being under the influence of your son, make your nephews (brothers' children) unhappy, after having forcibly seized upon the government of your brother? According to what code are you guilty of such injustice. You have lost your sight, but can you not see with the eyes of your mind, your family is being destroyed by your crimes. Why did you, when you were enjoying great ease and happiness, seize upon the government of your brother, and bring distress upon Bheem and Joodisthur?"

On hearing these words, Dritrasht laid hold of Akroor's hand, said, "What can I do, no one will obey my orders? All follow their own counsel, and I am looked upon as a fool by them. For this reason I never take part in their affairs; but remain apart, and worship my lord in silence."

When Dritrasht had thus spoken, Akroor Jee made a salutation, and rising went thence in his ruth; and departing from Hustinapoor came to the city of Muttra. He mentioned to Oogursen and Basoodeo the affairs of the Panduries, the sons of Koontee are greatly afflicted, and their bodies much emaciated with grief. Having told Oogursen and Basoodeo Jee all the news of Hustinapoor, Akroor went to Shree Krishnù and Bulram; and, making a salutation, said with joined hands, "O great king! I have been to Hustinapoor, and seen that your aunt and five brothers suffer great calamities at the hands of the Kooruvus. What more need I say, you know the secrets of the heart, and the state of affairs there; and the ruin which has befallen your family, are not hidden from you."

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Having thus spoken, and delivered Koontee's message, Akroor Jee took leave, and returned home. And having heard all the intelligence which Akroor brought from Hustinapoor, Shree Krishnù and Buldeo, the gods of all the gods, sat down after the fashion of men, and engaged in thought, revolved in their minds, how they might remove the burthens of the world.

Shree Shookdeo, the sage, having recited thus much of the history to the Raja Pureechit, said,--O lord of the earth! I have related the first half of history, comprising what took place in the forest of Bruj and at Muttra, I will now relate the last half, if I obtain the power of the lord of Dwarka.

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