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p. 185


SHREE SHOOKDEO, the sage, said,--O great king! one day the sportive Krishnù, the benefactor of his worshippers, thinking of the affection of Koobja, went to her house, with the view of performing the promise he had made her. When Koobja knew that Huri had come, she had cloths of silk spread for him to walk on. She advanced to meet him with the greatest joy; and all the good acts she had done in former births then received their reward. Having given Oodho a seat outside, Krishnù entered the house of Koobja; he there saw a splendid carpet spread in a picture gallery, on which was arranged a beautiful couch of flowers. Huri repaired to the couch, and Koobja, having withdrawn to another room, bathed and perfumed herself, and having combed her braided hair, wearing a most elegant dress and handsome jewels, adorned from head to foot, having eaten pawn, and being sweetly scented, approached Shree Krishnù Chund with the gaiety and endearment, with which Ruttee, (the wife of Ramudevù,) approaches her husband. Having veiled herself from a feeling of modesty, she remained apart and silent, having a great dread of the first interview. On seeing her, Shree Krishnù Chund, the root of joy, took her by the hand; and placing her near him, satisfied her desires. He then

p. 186

arose, and came to Oodho; blushing and smiling, and with downcast looks. O great king! having thus made Koobja happy, Shree Krishnù Chund returned home with Oodho Jee, and said to Bulram, "I promised Akroor that I would pay him a visit, so let us go to his house first and afterwards send him to Hustinapoor, to bring us the news of that quarter." Upon this both brothers went to Akroor's house; he was much pleased at seeing Krishnù; and making a salutation, and putting the dust of his feet on his head, said with joined hands, and with great humility of manner, "O lord of compassion! you have shown me great favour by coming here, and making my house pure." Shree Krishnù replied, "Uncle! why do you exalt me so highly? I am your son;" and added, "through your kindness, uncle! all the demons have been destroyed, but there is one subject, which occasions me anxiety, as I have heard that Pandoo has gone to heaven, and that Doorjodhun tyrannizes over my five brothers. My aunt, Koontee, is greatly distressed; unless yon go, who can afford her relief by explanations?" Akroor Jee, on hearing these words, said in reply to Huri, "Be not anxious on that subject, I will go to Hustinapoor and explain matters, and bring back all the news."

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