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p. 31


SHREE SHOOKDEO JEE said,--Raja! Kuns' counsellor having taken many devils with him, was roaming about and destroying, when Kuns, having sent for a female devil, named Pootna, said to her, go and kill as many of the family of Judoo, as you can find. She, hearing this, being highly pleased, and making a salutation, departed. She began to say to herself, "Nund has had a son, I heard it in the village of Gokool, I will now lay hold of it by stratagem; I will go as a cowherdess."

Having said this, ornamenting herself in a most elaborate manner, putting poison in her breast, assuming a fascinating appearance, practising deceit, taking a lotus in her hand, being fully adorned, she went forth like Luchmee, when arrayed in all the ornaments of dress, she goes to meet her lord. Having arrived in Gokool, she came laughing into the house of Nund.

On seeing her, all being fascinated, remained as though dispossessed of their senses--She went and sat near Jusodha, and asking the news, gave her a blessing. "Sister, may your Krishnù live a crore of years!" Having thus proffered friendship, taking the child from Jusodha, and placing it in her bosom, when she offered to suckle it, Shree Krishnù, having seized her breast with both his hands, began fastening his

p. 32

mouth on her breast, to suck her life with the milk; upon this, Pootna being greatly agitated, exclaimed, "Jusodha, what sort of son is this of your's, he is not a mortal, but the messenger of death--Thinking it a cord, I have laid hold of a snake. If I escape alive from his hands, I will never come to Gokool again." Saying this, she ran off outside the village, but Krishnù did not let go his hold; and all of a sudden, he took her life. She fell down, just as a thunderbolt would fall from heaven. Having heard a very great noise, Rohnee and Jusodha, weeping and lamenting, came to the spot where Pootna, occupying a space of two koss, had fallen dead; and the whole village came running out after them; they saw Krishnù upon her breast and in the act of sucking the milk--Taking him up quickly, and kissing him, they pressed him to their bosoms, and brought him home.

Having sent for charmers, they began to exorcise him; and the cowherdesses and cowherds, standing near Pootna, began to say to each other, "Friend! hearing the sound of her fall, we were so alarmed, that our bosoms are still palpitating--Who can say, what the child's state may be?"

In the meantime, Nund Jee having cone from Muttra, saw that a female devil had fallen dead, and that a crowd of the inhabitants of Bruj had surrounded her. He enquired how this act of violence had occurred--They began to explain to him, "O great king! first of all she came to your house in a beautiful form, and gave a blessing; on seeing her, all the women of Bruj were like persons deprived of their senses. She took Krishnù, and began to suckle him, and after that, we do not know what occurred." On hearing this, Nund Jee said, it is very lucky the child has escaped, and that she did not fall upon Gokool; had she fallen, not one would have escaped; all would have been crushed under her, and died. Having thus spoken, Nund Jee came home, and bestowed gifts and presents; and the cowherds having brought axes, spades, mattocks and hoes, and cutting off the bones and feet of Pootna, dug

p. 33

holes, and buried them; and collecting the flesh and skin together burnt them.

From her burning, there was such a sweet scent spread abroad, that it filled the whole world with perfume. Having heard thus much, Raja Pureechit said to Shookdeo Jee, "O great king! that female devil was very unclean, an eater of flesh and drinker of wine, please explain how it happened, that a sweet smell came from her body." The sage replied, Raja! Shree Krishnù Chund, having drank her milk, granted her absolution, and that was the cause of the perfume coming from her body.

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